In-Home Puppy Training: Setting Your Puppy Up For Long-Term Success!

We offer a customized alternative to puppy classes.  Puppy classes are very common. They’re held out in public, usually at a big box retailer. These puppy classes boast the opportunity to learn basic obedience commands, socialize your puppy, and get feedback and advice from a dog trainer. These puppy classes mean well, but the majority of these classes fall short as most puppy training questions and problems come up inside the home.

Puppy classes are also targeted toward teaching your puppy basic obedience commands, and giving you advice on how to overcome common puppy challenges (like housebreaking). This information can be helpful; however, we understand that dog behavior is the result of many factors. The two most common contributing factors to any behavior issue are the dog’s relationship with its family, and the dog’s lifestyle in its home. Puppy classes, or adult obedience classes, don’t make a well-behaved dog. A well-behaved dog is created when the dog has balance in every area of its life!

What sets our training apart from others?

Our puppy training program is conducted in your home so that we can answer your puppy training questions in the context in which they are occurring. Puppyology goes beyond answering questions and teaching basic commands – our puppy training program is designed to prevent behavior problems by building the right relationship with your dog from the very beginning.

Our Puppyology programs will cover a wide variety of information for both you and your puppy, including:

  • Housebreaking
  • Learning to relax and be calm in the house
  • How to prevent destructive behavior and inappropriate chewing or digging
  • Coaching a puppy who is nervous or fearful (this is something we take very seriously, as ignoring, or inappropriately handling a nervous/fearful dog can have serious consequences!)
  • Preventing all forms of aggression including human aggression, dog aggression, fear aggression, food aggression, etc.
  • Smart tips and strategies for proper socialization with both people and dogs
  • How to teach basic obedience commands to a puppy
  • How to prevent or stop jumping, nipping, urination and other inappropriate greeting behaviors
  • How to read your puppy’s signals and interpret his/her behavior
  • How to communicate with your puppy in a way he/she naturally understands!
  • How to develop a deep bond of mutual trust and respect with your puppy (the most important thing to learn!)

If you think about it, these are all the same issues that require a dog owner to seek professional dog training for their adult dogs! What does that mean? That means that the time and energy you invest into puppy training can avoid the stress, embarrassment, frustration and heartache of adult dog behavior problems.

Best of all, your Puppyology Puppy Training Program comes with unlimited, personalized support from your pupologist! We know that raising a puppy comes with lots of questions, and we want to be there to answer them.

How to Get Started.. 

Is your puppy under 16 weeks old? NOW is the time to contact a Pupologist for professional, in-home puppy training! Call us at 800.649.7297, or use our interactive map to find a Pupologist.