Find a Pupologist Near You!

Canine Trade Group is a network of highly experienced professional dog trainers, dedicated to the highest standards in the dog training business.    Our  program was developed in response to the countless adolescent and adult dogs we have worked with experiencing a variety of behavior problems that could have easily been prevented with solid, early puppy training.   Amazingly, we found that some of these behavior issues were the result of an incident that occurred in a puppy training class itself!

Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  Our program is customized to your family’s needs and lifestyle, and our trainers are committed to your success, remaining available to you for questions both during and after your course.

The key to a balanced, happy, adult dog, is early puppy training.  

 Please contact us for a referral to a highly qualified dog trainer in your area.

Training for ALL Breeds and Sizes!

Our affordable training program is customized to your puppy’s personality, and your family’s lifestyle.  Your trainer remains available for any questions or issues that arise both during your puppy training program as well as afterwards.  Essentially, you’re hiring your own expert puppy consultant!

Remember that early puppy training will help you raise your puppy to be a happy, well-adjusted and balanced adult dog!