Puppyology: Do Puppy Training Now – Prevent Behavior Problems Later!

If you’ve ever owned a dog with bad behavior, you know how stressful that can be. Many people think that if they “start fresh” with a puppy, they can avoid these problems. They’re right, but only if they do it right! Proper puppy training CAN prevent many bad behaviors from ever developing, and can stop any mischievous puppy behaviors right in its tracks.

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What is Puppyology?

Our job as “pupologists” is to break down your puppy’s behavior into very simple, easy-to-follow guidelines designed to maximize the prevention benefits of proper puppy training!

Puppyology is all about building the right relationship with your dog from the very beginning.  Taking the time to establish and maintain a deep bond of trust and respect pays off in dividends. Dog behavior is heavily influenced by the dog’s relationship to its family; when you take the time to set up a solid bond with your dog, you set the stage for cooperation and good behavior later on.

Part of developing this relationship involves looking past the cute, cuddly fluffball and acknowledging the dog within your puppy. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the goofiness and affection of your puppy, but it’s important to understand that when all is said and done, you’re raising a dog, not a puppy. Your puppy won’t be a puppy forever – this is why puppy training with a professional dog trainer is so valuable!

A Training Philosophy that Works!

The bottom line is that EVERY puppy can benefit from Puppyology because this philosophy and puppy training method sets your puppy up for success both as a puppy, and as an adult dog.

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